The communication in the company can no longer be solved only in a standard way. Offline and online resources should be optimized and should complement each other. Using a new type of consultancy to offer results with personalized solutions in each case, generating greater business opportunities.

Business communication, strategy, planning and communication management to achieve efficient transmission and positioning: who are you? what do you do? how do you do it? And, who do you want to reach?

Corporate communication

Takes care of all aspects that affect communication in a company, going from the very basics, like dealing with people on the phone to organizing a big event:

- Corporate identity.
- Public relations.
- Press office.
- Internal communication.
- Advertising Communication.
- Organizing Events.

Off line communication

- Design and graphic arts.

- Creativity.
- Video planning.
- Production.
- Special actions.

On line communication

- Design, creation and web development.

- Positioning Seo / Sem.
- Social and mobile networks.
- E-mailing.
- Marketing content.